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Day Four of the 1999 San Diego Comic Con

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[ Julie Strain ] [ Julie Strain ] [ Julie Strain ]
And it's Julie Strain again...

My, what a costume.
[ Julie Strain ]


[ Anthony Stewart Head ] [ Anthony Stewart Head ] [ Anthony Stewart Head ]
Anthony Stewert Head...
Best known for playing Giles on Buffy The Vampire Slayer


[ Gerard Christopher ]
Gerard Christopher, who played Superboy in the TV series The Adventures of Superboy.

[ Alexandra Tydings ] [ Alexandra Tydings ] [ Robert Trebor and Alexandra Tydings ]
Alexandra Tydings again...

This time Robert Trebor joined in. He seems to do that when pretty ladies are about.
[ Robert Trebor ]


[ The Undertaker ] [ Mary Kay Bergman ]
The Undertaker, from the world of wrestling.
Mary Kay Bergman, the actress who did the voices for most of the female characters in South Park. This shot was taken only a few months before her death in November 1999. I snapped this shot on the run, and now regret not having taken more time.

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